About Me

Hi there, I'm Hilary. I'm so glad you're here! I like cake. I like cake so much that after 10 years of working as an analyst for the US Navy, where I was also the "cake lady" for any and all office events, I decided to change course and head to pastry school in Seattle, WA. After about two years of working in the baking industry, I wanted to create something that is uniquely mine. Alpenglow is a labor of love, based on a principle that I believe in - natural is beautiful (and delicious!). I strive to only work with natural colors and flavors. 

Alpenglow is a WSDA licensed home baking operation based in beautiful Poulsbo, Washington.

If I'm not in the kitchen, I'm probably outside, with my mountain-climbing fluffy pups, Benny and Dooley (a.k.a Alpenfloof).  

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